Hey Guys!
is beggining to look a lot like Christmas here!

We had the first Baby Shower organized by great friends!




Tiffany step down teaching the Kemps kids because of the pregnancy. God provided Charlotte all the way from Canada to teach the kids in the mean while.



We made a cover of John Mark Mcmillan song “King of My Heart”with our  friend Majo Solis who is a great singer and with a great heart for Jesus.

We also had the oportunnity of record a video with Victor Flores, another friend that is not only a great singer but also a guy that is making the diference in worship in Mexico



Josue’s Sister Nora just got graduated from College as an Arquitect after 6 years of school, we are so proud of her.

She is doing her practices helping designing the Ywam Ensenada Base and helping in Horizonte too.
If some of you happen to have a Mackbook pro or a computer that you’re not using she can use it for work she will love it 🙂



Nicole, Adam and the babies came to visit for thanksgiving and baby shower! Is always great to spend time together as a Family

We spend Thanksgiving with our families and Jonny, Dana, our friend Mike and Lea. It was so much fun and lots of food 🙂




The time is so close for Mercy to arrive. We have been finishing the last details like put together the crib:


Everything is looking so real after the crib is on place:


Tiffany is been doing clothes, hats, and everything Mercy will need.

We are getting a lot of presents with Foxy theme!



We are so ready to the arrival of Mercy, we can’t wait!

Micki Chmelar is coming on the 13 of December and staying 1 entire month to help us with all the things that imply to have a new born baby.


Is crazy to think that the next blog update we will be 3.

Thanks for your support.


October | Octubre


The first weekend of October we took a step of Faith to start a new service time at Horizonte Ensenada.

Now we are having 3 service times: 9 am (Bilingual) 11 am & 1 pm (Spanish)

We were surprise to see the amount of people stay the same in the first 2 normal services and around 200 persons arrive to the 3rd and new one.



Tiffany: i am still giving classes to the Kemps kids. I had to take a couple of weeks off due to a strong stomach virus going around at the ywam base where i teach. Also on of my students, Micah, caught it, so we took a week off school to heal.

It’s crazy to see the kids growing in their studies.  Things as simple as writing our b’s and d’s the correct way to comprehension skills skyrocketing. Keep these kids in your prayers as they transition to a new teacher during my maternity leave.



Josue: We have had the vision of having a great Kids ministry at church.  A place where the kids want to come and stay and learn the bible while having a great time.  We have invested a lot of time and money to create this enviroment, and thanks God we made it! We have a great kid friendly area with games, music, and toys. We also have a new worship team that lead worship every sunday for all of the 3 services. Kids are the future and we want to raise kids in Gods word.

“Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” Proverbs 22:6



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September | Septiembre

Hey Friends! September had been a relax month full of God’s gifts and blessings.

We began the month by taking a day off and went to the Mountains 2 hours away from Ensenada with the Riveros’s Family, is refreshing be able to enjoy the nature, fresh and clean air, eat tamales sat on a rock, climb montains, put a swing in a pine tree.




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JULY came with everything, great month! full of Surprise!

Our amazing friends from The New Divide come back for a concert and a worship night.

Andy, Aaron, Jonathan, alan and Doug {we missed KAT} always fill our hearts with the passion and love for Jesus, ministry, share the gospel everywhere to everyone and all the time.

{you should go visit their Website:}


This Month in the Week together was Josue’s turn to teach in the Marriage group. It was cool, practical and simple, it was hard to preach in Song of Solomon but it was great to find Jesus even in a book like that.


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Hey Everybody! God has been good and provided for all our needs this month, and for that we are truly thankful!

Josue: Because we are pregnant, we are trying to rush my paperwork, in order to deliver the baby in the United States.   It’s been a flurry of collecting all the paperwork needed in order to send it off to the visa center, and then wait for our appointment at the consolet. Earlier this monthI had to return to my birth City “Culiacán Sinaloa” in order to collect the last pieces of paperwork.

Culiacan: Is a gorgeous, huge city, with 11 rivers, and sadly famous for all the drugs cartels.  All the big Drug lords started in Culiacan… and now, the city is really rich (for that reason) but it desperatly needs Jesus!

Pastor Hugo and Brenda start Calvary Chapel Culiacan less than a year ago. They are doing amazing work and being a great blessing to the city.  They also opened their home to me so I didn’t have to pay for a hotel and gave me their car so I could get around to the different government office buildings.  Tiffany and I are both so thankful for their generous hospitality.

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