Culiacan with {love}

It’s always been kinda a secret dream of mine, to pick-up and leave on a road trip with no planning ahead of time at all.  Like you’re in the middle of everyday life and BOOM, you’re bouncing down the road at fife o’clock Thursday evening, with your manly, your mama mexicana, your sister in-law, a whole trunk of luggage, and one thousand, 10 miles ahead of you.  kinda like we did twelve days ago.


We drove through the night– and prayed that our nineteen-99 sunfire would carry us over the huge sierra mountain range and onto our destination, Sinaloa, Culiacan.


We stopped and slept in the middle of the desert from two in the morning till five– woke up to this beautiful scene.


We made it at nine o’clock friday night with time for baby cousin cuddling. {obviously i wasn’t looking at manly’s attempted selfie}

babymejosSince Manly was born in Culiacan, he was able to show me all his old haunts.

Like the market that he frequented as a child.


And the basketball courts where he spent most of his lazy summer days.


The church he was baptised in as a baby.


And of course the zoo– because you’re never to old to go to the zoo.


The parks in all their green, foliage, beauty — with rivers, trees, AND GRASS.


And of course i can’t forget the people–  manly’s family and friends are wonderful.  my heart is full.


// tiff //