We are so Thankful for this Amazing Gift God has given to us.

On the tour Tiffany was feeling weird so we decide when we were home to buy a pregnancy test and it was {POSITIVE}.

Tiffany has been feeling good, she is healthy, thanks to God and Reliv (the vitamins her family sells)

God is Good! 


Nicole (btw: you should follow her blog) came to visit with her amazing and cute boys as soon as she found out about the pregnancy!


We are changing how we do our home studies at Horizonte.

We prayed, and decide we would release groups called “Connection Groups”. The idea is to have personal one on one, discipleship groups, that are going to hang out together in random places like, coffee shops, school, Basket ball, etc.  living life together just like Jesus did with his disciples.

Along with this we are releasing something called: Semana Juntos (week togeher) were all the big ministries will have reunion once a month in that specific week.

Tiffany and I will be in charge of the Married Couples and all their connection groups.

Below there are some pictures of the first week:

Banda Horizonte:


Our friend Jonny Wright worked like crazy recording the new Banda Horizonte CD, before he left to the USA with his wife to have their baby.

The new CD will be called “Jesus es Suficiente” (Jesus is enough) and is full of original songs. This will be the first time we ever did this.



Here, we are all previewing the finished project!  It was a fun time together marveling over Jesus goodness.


Until the physical CD is in our hands, you can hear some of the songs in spotify or YouTube:


This Semester I (Josue) will go back to give classes at our Bible College in Ensenada B.C. I will be teaching the gospel of Mark in the Main campus and the Downtown Campus.

If you are interested in studying in a Bible College I highly recommend to you ours!

Calvary Chapel Bible College Mexico is a place for believers to be rooted deeply in God’s word. It’s affiliated with Calvary Chapel Bible Collage Murrieta, California. The students are offered a unique experience at our rustic campus to hear and learn more about God in a safe environment.

Also you can be involved in practical ministry, from outreach in the city to serving at Casa Horizonte our special needs home located in our campus.

for more info:


Remenber you can support our ministry! just go in to the Contact Page 🙂


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