Hey Everybody! God has been good and provided for all our needs this month, and for that we are truly thankful!

Josue: Because we are pregnant, we are trying to rush my paperwork, in order to deliver the baby in the United States.   It’s been a flurry of collecting all the paperwork needed in order to send it off to the visa center, and then wait for our appointment at the consolet. Earlier this monthI had to return to my birth City “Culiacán Sinaloa” in order to collect the last pieces of paperwork.

Culiacan: Is a gorgeous, huge city, with 11 rivers, and sadly famous for all the drugs cartels.  All the big Drug lords started in Culiacan… and now, the city is really rich (for that reason) but it desperatly needs Jesus!

Pastor Hugo and Brenda start Calvary Chapel Culiacan less than a year ago. They are doing amazing work and being a great blessing to the city.  They also opened their home to me so I didn’t have to pay for a hotel and gave me their car so I could get around to the different government office buildings.  Tiffany and I are both so thankful for their generous hospitality.


I was able to get the papers I needed, spend a good amount of time with Hugo and his family, visit old friends, drink Cebada (barley water) and remember old times.




*A special Thanks to my Amazing Sister in Law for helping  us pay for the airplane and letters I needed in Culiacan. The support of beautiful people like you help so much!

Leading worship is one of the things we do, we love it.  It’s amazing how the worship team at Horizonte is growing in their ability to lead in worship.  It’s beautiful. We encorage you to worship the Lord every day every moment of your life.



Tiffany:  I had the opportunity to go visit Iowa for my sister Beth’s graduation! It was a busy 6 days full of graduation prep, friends wedding, and family reunion, but the amount of friends and family I got to see in that short amount of time was incredible. I feel thankful for my Iowa community!!!



Banda Horizonte got invited to play in a Music Fest in the city of Tijuana!
We were one of the main bands, and the people loved the music.  We were so surprised that people actually knew our songs, and were singing along.  It was soo cool! We were able to make relationships and invite a lot of people to #Movimiento2016



{the bottom picture is weird, we aren’t quite sure what happened to Jonny’s face. hahaha)


Is a blessings to serve together and make music together!


Us: This month we had our first Doctor appointment! We plan to do all our prenatal visits here in Mexico while we keep working away at getting Daddy’s paperwork to go to the states to deliver. Mean while we are saving our pesos for a private hospital here in Mexico just in case our plans aren’t Gods plans. Private hospitals here are around $1,500 US dollars. If Jesus puts it on your heart to give toward this fund, you can donate here: Contact Page

If Daddy does get to go to the states in time for the birth we would use state healthcare and birth in California. The money you gave would then go towards all the expences of Josue going to the consolet in Juarez, paperwork, shots, doctors appointments, etc…


We also had the first ultrasound.

It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.  Seeing that baby moving, jumping, 10 fingers and 10 toes all so perfectly formed, I started feeling that love I didnt know or ever felt before for a little human being.


 Josue: Banda Horizonte Got invited to San Quintin, a little town like 3 hours south of Ensenada, we took all the instruments, sound equipment and drove to this beautiful ministry that is doing so much for this small town. They run a Church, Orphanage, Mini Hospital, Fire Department, missionary apartments,  etc. They are really making a change to their community.

It was also great to see so many youth together singing to Jesus with us.


{Selfie before going up to play}


Tiffany: I finished up this year of teaching these two beautiful children!

We had an amazing special Ed teacher from Minnesota come all the way here to test them and set up curriculum for next year. She is truly a blessing.

Both the kids tested out right where they are suppose to be in most subjects. Spelling and word attack they both tested about 5 grades higher. Punctuation, capitalizing, and reading comprehension, they tested a little low but we’ll atack that next year with a whole lot of gusto!



Please keep Tianna and Micah in your prayers that they would not only grow physically, but spiritually too.

God Bless you!


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