JULY came with everything, great month! full of Surprise!

Our amazing friends from The New Divide come back for a concert and a worship night.

Andy, Aaron, Jonathan, alan and Doug {we missed KAT} always fill our hearts with the passion and love for Jesus, ministry, share the gospel everywhere to everyone and all the time.

{you should go visit their Website: http://ajesusmission.org/}


This Month in the Week together was Josue’s turn to teach in the Marriage group. It was cool, practical and simple, it was hard to preach in Song of Solomon but it was great to find Jesus even in a book like that.


God is doing incredible things with Banda Horizonte.

The biggest Record Label in Latin America got in contact with us and offer us a contract with them, they had hear our songs over youtube and fall in love of the ministry and the group.

Is a dream come true for any latinamerican group and God give us this amazing present.

Personally is an amazing dream come true, i personally admire this label and his Owner, he is the most influencial Christian musician of the last 20 years.

{below you can see a Twitter post from Marcos Witt welcoming Banda Horizonte}


Summer Festival!

Mexicans seriously love TACOS!

This amazing group of people lead by: Far Reaching Ministries want it to bless the church and have outreach and they decide to make Festival for 600 people and make tacos for everyone. We had full house, the best Tacos ever, a testimony for our friend Jonathan Sanchez (youth ministry leader) and Banda Horizonte in the music.




New Banda Horizonte Video!

Our Friend Jesiah Hansen is one of the pastor in a church south Mexico and is also a amazing video productor guy, we invite him to record 2 of the songs of the new cd of Banda Horizonte. Solo Tu {only you} and Brilla tu Luz {Shine your light}.

It was really fun! it was a super small room with 11 persons and full of instruments and Haze fluid, was really hot, but the video end being amazing.

{The Videos will be available soon on youtube}


Our friends in Calvary Chapel Rosarito invite Banda Horizonte for a worship night!

We take all the instruments and Sound and drive 5 cars to Rosarito City {about 1 hour north}  it was so much fun! saw youth worshiping God with us.

A special thanks to Frank Espinoza, one of the Pastors of the church for being an amazing host.

{in the picture below you have the Band, Frank and Tym Kemp our favorite sound guy and director of Ywam Ensenada}


Sound System.

{Josue} One of the things I love doing is do sound, since Jonny Wright arrived to Ensenada we have been working hard to renew all the sound and little by little, selling and buying, donations and specials at ebay we made it to buy our dream sound, we still missing a lot of stuff but we are so greatful we now have amazing QSC Speakers, EV Subs, Digital mixer, Wireless microphones. God is soo GOOD!

A/C Horizonte:

{Horizonte} God delight in surprise us, He provide all the money we need to install the A/C in Horizonte. Is just in time for our event Movimiento 2016 where we are expecting 1100 persons. Now the auditory is fresh, more in this hot days.

{6 of this are all around Church}


Still remember the wedding day, everything was in rush, we sign papers 2 weeks before and then on July 20 we got our Church wedding with friends under a huge tree at our church.

Still remember our vows, still remember as yesterday saw Tiffany coming down to me, still remember Larry tears of Joy, still remember Worshiping Jesus together.

Happy 3 Years Aniversary





Small Vacations

{Tiffany} is right now in Iowa, she had the oportunity to go visit my family in Iowa, go to a Reliv Conference and have Baby Sowers!

cant wait to she come back 🙂






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