August | Agosto

August was a really busy month, activities here and there,

Ywam organize a Gala event every year to get support, and always bring a Christian Singer, last year they brought David Crower and this year they Brought Jeremy Camp!

Our Friend Tym Kemp (ywam director) borrowed church Speakers and invite me to the concert, it was incredible!


| M O V I M I E N T O 2 0 1 6 |

Josue: We prepared all year for this conference, ist’s our biggest event and with it brought big suprises.

This year we invited pastors from all over Mexico, Barcelona (Spain), and the USA. For music we brought the most viral Christian Singer in Mexico right now along with our band, Banda Horizonte.

Tickets sold out like a week before the event and we had to open an overflow room.

{Below you can see the chairs set up for the event in our auditorium}13912642_10206817206084901_8515538085139312152_n

Pastor David Guzik was with us from the U.S. He is one of the best bible teachers I have ever heard.  His love for the scripture is stuning.   He has a free bible comentary here


{Below you can hear the message from movimiento in English}

Banda Horizonte played quite  few times throughout the duration of the conference.  We played the songs from our new cd and were amazed to see people singing their hearts out, in worship to Jesus!

Jonny and I had a ton of work from singing and running the sound at the same time.  Sadly Tym Kemp wasnt able to come due to his strong belief in family vacations. :p  So it was really fun playing and doing sound at the same time 😀


Juan Mejias from Hillsong Barcelona, Spain, was an amazing teacher.  He shared about the growing church in Spain, despite the severe oposition to Christianity. A big christian church is around 100 people, a normal church is around 20.  But God has blessed the fruits of their labor and raised up over 1000 members at their church. God is good!


We also received Alpha Union a hard core band from Miami. They were a blessing to the youth, with their amazing talents and lyrics!

{Below is a video of Alpha Union}

God spoke to our hearts and we decide to make the last day free for all the attedees to bring friends and family, specifically non christians. Evan Craft, a super famous Cover artist here in Latin America gave a concert that night.

It was crazy! We opened the doors and the line of people was all around our street! Over 1600 persons came!  It was incredible!



Movimiento was A M A Z I N G!

{It’s A G I R L}

We couldn’t be more happy for this amazing gift from GOD.  We went to the ultrasound appointment and had the tech keep the gender a secret.  We were pretty sure it was a boy, due to how the doctor reacted.  It was Josue’s birthday that day, so the plan was to open it at supper and make an online video.  When we discovered it was a girl, we were sooo happy!


image1 (1)


At Horizonte we are always looking for ways we can reach the people, community, and culture.  So we took this crazy risk and opened a Coffee Shop with speciality coffee.

The idea is not to have a “Christian” Coffee place, but yes a Christian enviroment where you can have conection groups, there are books to borrow, good coffee, good music and a place where none christian people can get to know who we really are.


Josue: I had to said good bye to my motorcycle in order to save money for the birth of our little baby girl.

My friend Jonny told me, “When that day comes, and she is a teenager, and she is in a bad mood, and she says ‘you dont love me!’ you’ll be able to said ‘I sold my motorcycle for you.'” 😀


Banda Horizonte

We finally released the first Video of the new cd that will be available on September 23, check it out: Only you | Banda Horizonte, songwrite by our friend Josue R. Valencia.


We are so exited for our baby girl to arrive.
Look at this gorgeous baby bump on the most gorgeous girl ever.

Thanks for reading! If you wanna support our ministry you can go to the Contact Page.


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