September | Septiembre

Hey Friends! September had been a relax month full of God’s gifts and blessings.

We began the month by taking a day off and went to the Mountains 2 hours away from Ensenada with the Riveros’s Family, is refreshing be able to enjoy the nature, fresh and clean air, eat tamales sat on a rock, climb montains, put a swing in a pine tree.




After that, Our dear friend Tym Kemp the director of ywam’s Ensenada invite us to go to Loreto a city around 14 hours South to a Resort to celebrate Ywam SD Baja 25 year Anniversary.

Incredible is a short word. The place was gorgeous, the hotel room was biggest that our house, the beach cristal clear, we was able of do kayak, snorkeling, be in the pool etc.

Josue was able to do sound for the night meetings where all the testimonies, new vision, plans and all was happening.

{there was 5 continents representing in our Van: America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa}




{Every Night we got together for supper and Testimony|Vision time}


{Tiffany and Baby Mercy Rae were stunning all the time}



{God is so good, He remind us he is our provider and he is the owner of everything, he definitly payed for a Dream vacation, with the best people ever.}


It was around 9 or 10 pm when I got a Text Messege from Beth and she explain than she, Nicole, the baby’s and her was coming back from L.A. and they was thinking in come all the way here and gave Tiffany a surprise, so we make plans and around 1 am in the morning they arrive and went to our room and woke Tiffany up, it was soo fun to saw her enjoying that surprise.

They stayed for a day and 2 nights.



{Banda Horizonte}

We finally released our new cd! Jesus es Suficiente is already available in all the digital plataforms like Spotify, Itunes, google play or Amazon.

This is a Cd full of original songs from our band, even when is Spanish we know you will enjoy it.



You can hear the new cd here on Spotify:


We have been in the search for a good private hospital and doctor for the birth in December. We found a great Gynecologist and also find a great Doctor/Doula with great ideas and prices.

We are in the planning and saving money for this. if you wanna support us go to the contact page or contact us.


This Sep 29 we also launch a new Official Video of the song: Jesus es Suficiente. with our good friend and part of the band Daniel Estrada, this is his original song.

The song said:

I don’t need anything else, don’t need to search, in Jesus you can find the way to the true. he is the reason that my heart is free

Jesus is enough for me there is nothing else He is here, his grace is enough for me, only in Jesus we can find freedom.

I don’t deserve it your love is true, when everyone have gone you are my friend


Thanks again for all your support, we are so bless for you.

keep us in your prayers!

Josue & Tiffany


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