October | Octubre


The first weekend of October we took a step of Faith to start a new service time at Horizonte Ensenada.

Now we are having 3 service times: 9 am (Bilingual) 11 am & 1 pm (Spanish)

We were surprise to see the amount of people stay the same in the first 2 normal services and around 200 persons arrive to the 3rd and new one.



Tiffany: i am still giving classes to the Kemps kids. I had to take a couple of weeks off due to a strong stomach virus going around at the ywam base where i teach. Also on of my students, Micah, caught it, so we took a week off school to heal.

It’s crazy to see the kids growing in their studies.  Things as simple as writing our b’s and d’s the correct way to comprehension skills skyrocketing. Keep these kids in your prayers as they transition to a new teacher during my maternity leave.



Josue: We have had the vision of having a great Kids ministry at church.  A place where the kids want to come and stay and learn the bible while having a great time.  We have invested a lot of time and money to create this enviroment, and thanks God we made it! We have a great kid friendly area with games, music, and toys. We also have a new worship team that lead worship every sunday for all of the 3 services. Kids are the future and we want to raise kids in Gods word.

“Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” Proverbs 22:6




Josue: Tiffany took 2 weeks off and dedicate herself to fix little details in our house, She had been buying stuffs, painting all the house, fixing rooms, moving furniture all over!

The house looks way better that before and is almost ready for Baby Mercy 🙂

Tiffany: i didn’t know “nesting” was a real thing up untill this last month.  And boy oh boy, it hit hard.  i must have told Josue a million times, “I would like to paint the whole house.” “I feel a need to paint the whole house.” “I MUST paint the whole house!” And I DID!  Now im just organizing and making room for another person in our tiny house.  Someday soon, I’ll give you all a tour!



Josue: We had the blessing of hosting over 300 Pastors from all around the country for a National Calvary chapel Pastors and Leadership Conference.

These Pastors are doing all they can to spread the gospel in their cities. We Honor them.

{Left to Right: Jonthan Domingo, Juan Domingo, Juan Barillaro & MIke Vincent}14581306_1128864860483525_5619580321425686081_n


Tiffany: My friend Dana’s sweet mama Kris, treated all of us four pastor/ leader wives to a spa day.  We all got facials and pedicures, a delicious snack and lunch, along with pool and talk time.  Kris is one of the most beautifully humble, tender strong, giving people I know.  She inspires me to give more out of my need then out of my plenty. Thank you Kris!  I love you!



Josue: There are 37 million of total population in Californa and from there, there is over 14 million Latinos and spanish speaking population.  We felt God was calling us to make a free Movimiento event in San Diego, our friends from Skyline Church opened their doors to us.




Tiffany: Nicole and the babies came to visit for 3 days. Josue had the opportunity to babysit 2 nights so Nic and I could go out and have a free time. The first night Tio kept them ocuppied watching their favorite show RoboBots. The second night Netflix was down so Tio kept them busy with all the toys in the tiny toybox.  It was a wildly fun time.  We came back to super happy, content, boys and one slightly exhausted, happy, Tio.

It has been a HUGE blessing having my sister living in San Diego.  She also blesses us so much with her time and support!





We release a new cover of the song What a beautiful Name from Hillsong. Evelyn and Jonny Rock! also the amazing Video Production team from Horizonte.


Josue: The classes at the bible college had been incredible.  A great time to grow, and teach,  about Jesus in the gospel of Mark.

I’m terrible with names, so I ask the I.T. guy if he can print me a picture with the students names and this is the result:



We like to joke about there is something in the water of Horizonte that make everybody pregnant. We are so excited to share with our friends these amazing moments.

From left to Right:

Alfred and Violeta – They are in charge of Video and Kids ministry
Josue and Anita – Are part of Marriage Small groups and worship team
Ivan and Libby – Are part of Worship school and Banda Horizonte.


33 weeks down… 7 more to go.

We are in the final part of this journey called pregnancy. Just 7 weeks left.  We are excited and ready to have baby Mercy Rae with us.

Keep us in your prayers.


Now unto him that is able to guard you from stumbling, and to set you before the presence of his glory without blemish in exceeding joy,
25 to the only God our Saviour, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and power, before all time, and now, and for evermore. Amen. Jude 1:24-25


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