Traveling April


From March 31 to April 4 I was invited by church and together with Jonny Wright, Jonathan Sanchez and Jonathan Domingo to the anual conference Un Corazon (one Heart) in Cd Juarez Chuhuahua.

It Was an amazing time! we stayed at the house of Carlos Contretas, the pastor of Gracia Soberana Church. They were great hostings and care for us like sons.

The conference was amazing, we was really touch by the worship, and the preaches, specially by one by Chris Mendez the Pastor of Hillsong Buenos Aires (Argentina).


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Amazing March!


February was a rush… Our car broke, the motorcycle started giving us troubles… But thankfully Josué’s Dad was able to help us financially fix the car. We took it to our friend Lalo, who is one of the best mechanics in the city, and he was able to fix it!  The car is running amazing! God is good in our circumstances.


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February is gone!

Thanks for visit our blog! February was Amazing!

Starting the month Josue and the media team of Horizonte went to record the new intro video for a series of study.
Horizonte is a Calvary Chapel church, and like all the calvary churches we study the bible verse by verse, but some times between big books we put a 3 or 4 weeks topical studies, so this time we are having a Topical study on “The heart of the Father” and we make a video acting the prodigal son. Josue is the prodigal son 😛

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Chmelar in México!


This year for Christmas we had the amazing gift from God to have almost all the Chmelar Family in México for the first time! of course we missed our two brothers and their sweet girls .

Obviously our first stop was a TACO stand.


The ministry {Genesis} that I {Tiffany} came to mexico , to serve in, recently opened a special needs orphanage.  It was so great to take our family there, to see the facility, meet the founders {the ever so lovely Greg and Patti Amstutz}, and hold the kids.  The name of the orphanage is Beautiful Gate.  It’s beauty doesn’t stop at the gate… its so much deeper.


We always enjoy when friends and family come visit us in Ensenada.  It gives us a chance to play tourists for the day.




Christmas Eve found Josue and Dad setting up for our candle light service.  It was the first Christmas event that we’ve ever do here in Horizonte Ensenada {our church} because Mexicans normally celebrate Christmas the 24 all night.

Even do, we have a lot of people in a public area hearing the Gospel.


Christmas time was an amazing time talking about our testimonies in Christ, remembering from where God deliver us.

{Picture of both families together}


God is good!

Marry Christmas and Happy New year!


Josue & Tiffany Michel